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Latina LesBi y Que Podcast

The Latina LesBi y Que! (as in Lesbian, Bisexual & Queer) Podcast was born from the Latina Lesbian & Bisexual Amigas Meet up in Los Angeles. The LLBA Meet up has a membership of over 700 women that meet up through various events to build community and create friendships between women who love women. The LatinaLesBi y Que Podcast captures the stories of the lives of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Latinas. This podcast is sexy, fun and very smart with topics that appeal to the diverse lives of Latina women who love women. 

Veronica is the host of the podcast and organizer of the Meet up. She is a mental health professional who works with women in a small psychotherapy private practice and she is a professor at a local University. She is also the organizer of the largest Latina Lesbian, Bi and Queer women’s meet up in Los Angeles. She is a smart woman who likes to have fun, is very opinionated and believes in building community. Veronica knows that Latinas have a valuable perspective and she captures that experience through interviews with Amigas from the Meet up that cover topics like Amor & Dating, Building lesbian community, Financial & legal topics for lesbians and Mental health & health topics for LesBi & Queer women. 

Feb 11, 2019

Ariana and Veronica talk about lesbian love, dating and relationships in this episode. They hold a candid conversation about Latina lesbian relationships and how their individual values and dreams show up in their relationships with other women. Ariana convinces Veronica that Valentine’s Day is the best holiday of the year because it is a day to celebrate love. Veronica reluctantly embraces the idea of Valentine’s Day because she feels love creeping up in her life. Listen to these two as they share very real and candid feelings about the way women love each other. These are important conversations that are rarely recorded but do happen between Latina women who love women.





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